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  • Integrative therapeutics 

  • Manual Therapist  

  • Evidence-based treatment

Goal-oriented treatment addressing soft-tissue imbalances & dysfunction treating the body's myofascial network and nervous system along with stretch therapy to

  1. Improve symptoms of chronic pain, orthopedic injury, neuropathy.

  2. Restore homeostasis in & around the nervous system.

  3. Regain balance & function, promoting ease of movement.  

  4. Promote a sense of ease: slowing down the heart & breathing rate, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing stress hormone production, and releasing muscle tension.

  5. Improve quality of sleep.

  6. Reduce anxiety & depression.

  7. Regain a sense of self with the mind-body connection. 

  8. Learn how to self-regulate and regain independence.

 Risks include:

  • Temporary worsening of symptoms.

  • Usually, any increase in pre-existing symptoms of pain, stiffness, bruising, aching, or discomfort will last a few hours to a few days

  • Other possible risks, complications, and side effects are based on individual's health

Treatment is hands-on manual therapy.  Patients can bring activewear (e.g. t-shirt, tank top, sports bra, shorts) or dress down to their comfort level for treatment and draped appropriately with sheets.

Covid-19 Precautions


Be particularly mindful, individuals who are at the highest risk of getting very sick during the Covid-19 pandemic should consider not scheduling treatment:

  • over 65, individuals in a care home or long term care facility

  • underlying medical conditions – particularly if not well controlled

  • chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma

  • heart conditions

  • immunocompromised

  • severely obese

  • diabetes

  • chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis

  • liver disease

Appointments by referral.


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